“To inform and unite the citizens of Leucadia and Coastal Encinitas, promote its prosperity and preserve our community character and quality of life.”


The LEUCADIA TOWN COUNCIL is proud to be the squeaky wheel that focuses attention on issues and situations that are important to the coastal community. We work closely with other local groups such as the L101 MainStreet Association, Cardiff MainStreet Assoc, DEMA (Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Assoc) and the Olivenhain, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and New Encinitas Town Councils.

The L-ETC is a non-profit organization whose job is to educate its members and the public in general. Members receive a weekly email update on pertinent issues that concern our community. It’s our task to keep members well informed and it’s their choice whether or not to participate. We are not a political organization but we proudly host a Candidate Forum before every City Council race.

L-ETC actively supports the restoration of the tree canopy along Hwy 101, Community Gardens, more dog parks and buying up what’s left of our open space. We were instrumental in the establishment of the Environmental Commission and the Urban Tree Policy. We conscientiously critique the ‘bulk and mass’ of proposed projects and promote the preservation of existing landscaping where possible. ‘Bigger is better’ and ‘Scrape and burn’ policies do not fit our community or follow the guidelines of the Leucadia Specific Plan or the current Encinitas General Plan.

L-ETC Board members, Gene Chapo and Kathleen Lees, are actively representing the Leucadia community on the General Plan Update Committee. We are respected for the bipartisan voice we present on all community issues and we are intent on preserving regulations that protect the character of our communities. This is really important and we encourage everyone to attend the workshops and stay informed of the issues. Check it out at:

One of L-ETC’s many goals is to make Leucadia, and all of Encinitas, more pedestrian and bike friendly. We pushed for the much needed sidewalks that were installed along North Coast Hwy 101. It was also at our insistence that Phase 1 of the Street Scape Plan will include completing the sidewalks to La Costa Blvd, address other urgent safety issues at several of the intersections and begin the restoration of the 101 tree canopy.

L-ETC has long awaited the Rail Road Corridor improvements just completed at Leucaida Blvd and Vulcan. We were our very most assertive about insisting that ‘landscaping’ be included as part of the project. We were hoping for trees but the draught tolerant plantings are a great improvement! We’ll keep working on the trees.

Unfortunately, Leucadia is famous in the biking community for getting flat tires along Hwy 101. The culprit is Goat Head Thorns (AKA Puncture Vine). The thorns cause havoc for bikers and flip-flop wearers. For 18 months, Board Member Russell Levan used the ‘water on stone’ method to get the attention of the North County Transit District and the City of Encinitas Public Works Department. His persistent efforts culminated in our ‘first-ever, open to the public, whack-the-weed party’ on Saturday, May 21. For 5 hours, we cleared weeds from A Street to Marcheta. We hope this marks the continuation of cooperative and productive working relationships and a beginning to end of the weed problem.

If you haven’t already, please sign our petition to build ‘safe, at-grade pedestrian rail road crossings’ over the tracks from Vulcan to Hwy 101. They are much less expensive and offer greater accessibility to the public than underground crossings. The idea has great community support. There are State and Federal regulations to deal with as well as finding the $$$ to pay for them. Currently, everyone, including children attending Paul Ecke Central School crosses illegally and unsafely. These crossings exist safely in other parts of San Diego County. It’s a long-term goal, but L-ETC is working with North County Transit District and the City to solve this dangerous situation. Our neighbors in Cardiff and downtown are also considering this solution.

We supported Phase I of the Leucadia Blvd Extension and keep our eye on the yearly budget and try to make sure the City continues to set aside adequate $$$ to complete Phase II.

*Fun stuff L-ETC sponsored the tile murals at Leucadia Oaks Park and the ‘Art Wars’ mural on the 7-11 and helped design the art-deco Shell gas station. We sell ‘Keep Leucadia Funky’ license plates and “Keeping it Real in Leucadia’ t-shirts. We award a $500 Scholarship to a graduating high school senior who is planning to further their education.

We love living in Leucadia and being part of this magnificent community. We hope you will join us in our efforts to support it.